Welcome to our Shop!

This Shop is using the latest Woo Version 5.2.2 (released 15 April 2021)

With Striking MultiFlex you can build a very appealing highly customized webstore tailored to your specific needs, all by way of our theme options, without having to resort to difficult custom php & CSS, or extra woo plugins.

In Striking MultiFlex the Shop Feature Header (this area which can include any mix of custom sliders, images and videos or any other content), and Sidebar can be customized per webpage for any eCommerce plugin such as Woo or Easy Digital Downloads.

There are also many other Woo Specific customizations available such as:
  • Different image hover effects for items on the shop page (check out the items in the 1st row of the shop)
  • Related products appear as a carousel on product pages
  • Product Carousel Shortcode that you can put in any page content and the text widget for sidebars and footer (all eCommerce plugins).
  • Custom Product Archive Titles (all eCommerce plugins).
  • Color control for primary and secondary buttons.

Striking MultiFlex allows you to have custom content in the shop page (our theme custom product carousel is currently showing). You choose whether you want this content to paginate with the shop content or be removed upon paginating by way of our custom Woo settings group -> we have have turned on Shop Page Custom Content Pagination in in order to demonstrate this feature. You also can control button colors without having to use the woo color plugin – hover over one of the Add to cart buttons below to see a custom color from our Woo custom settings group.

Striking MultiFlex has 35+ custom woo settings that eliminate the need for several plugins and allow for great customization of the woo shop, product pages and taxonomy terms (categories, tags).

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