Theme Custom Woo Settings

Striking MultiFlex Custom Woo Settings Panel

Striking MultiFlex has an admin tab in our Advanced Panel settings group which contains a variety of woo customization settings enabling more facility for woo pages then is found natively in the plugin.

The settings include better options for:

  • Quantity Spinners
  • Titles
  • Custom Content Pagination Behaviour
  • Controlling Store Page Layouts
  • More Related Product Display Options
  • Store Page specific Feature Header and Breadcrumb Control
  • Color Control for Woo buttons – background, text and hover color settings
  • Sidebar Settings for all Store Type Webpages
  • Easy Image Size Settings for Shop, Single Product and Thumbnail

These options eliminate the need for the very troublesome custom php and css and several specialized plugins, that Woo users typically need to undertake in order to make even slight modifications to their shop appearance.

With Striking MultiFlex you can build a very appealing highly customized webstore tailored to your specific needs, all by way of our theme options.

The image below displays the settings available as of Version 2.1 of Striking MultiFlex (Sept 2020).

Image of Striking MultiFlex Woo Options
Striking MultiFlex Woo Options